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Go go GT transformers

It was transformers who, while individually awesome, could connect together and make a greater than its parts, right?

Well, GT, anyway: Please unite and give me advice on whether this is me being a dick or not...

So, Background. BigBroPants has been staying with us for the past week with his 5 year old twins, for a holiday (they usually live with their mum, so he doesn't get to see them much, and due to complicated family things they've ended up all flying over to us for a holiday). They're here for another 2 weeks. For the most part, we're all getting along pretty well, and while 9 year old is getting a bit sick of being followed around all the time and them coming into her room looking for her, the kids are all having fun, and Manpants, BroBroPants and myself are all pretty good. When he got here, he put $300 into my account for 'housekeeping'.


Our weekly shopping is about $300 - that includes everything, including cigarettes, snacks, lunches, lollies, coffee pods etc. That does the undergarments that live here usually (2 adults, 15, 9, and 3 year old kids, and 2 dogs), and it is only rarely that we need to go get extra stuff - usually because I've forgotten something.

My kids are all 'normal' sized, with 'normal' energy/activity levels. I mean, they aren't suffering from any health issues at either end of the spectrum. Neither are BigBroPants' kids, generally speaking (as far as I know).

BUT, BigBroPants and his kids EAT SO MUCH. At least it seems that way to me. And it's starting to piss me off. All day, from the minute they wake up, they want junk food, and ask and ask and ask.

It's like seagulls, and it makes me dislike these kids a little, which makes me feel bad. But they are so greedy! For example, usually for morning/afternoon tea, I'll make up a platter of made up of mostly healthy things (cut up fruit, rice crackers, cheese or yoghurt, maybe some meat) and a couple of treat (a cookie, a jelly dinosaur or two) type things. These two swoop in and grab as much as they can of the 'treat' things and hold it all in their hands, while eating as fast as they can, while mine are sort of looking at them like "eh?". Then of course MINE start grabbing, or arguing and being the food police, and what is meant to just be a snack turns into the Treaty of Versailles ("Okay, everyone gets three dinosaurs, unless it is a T rex, which counts as two. And you have to take a slice of watermelon first, while that last slice of polony is annexed").


We went out for a couple of hours, and they've gone out somewhere too now. But I came home to evidence of instant noodles, fairy bread, polony, about five packets of miniOreos + the mini koala cookies and 4 icy pole things being inhaled while we were gone (as in wrappers, rubbish and noodles stuck to the coffee table). This is after cereal, toast and chocolate milk drinks this morning.

I don't like how petty it is making me, and I don't know if it is ME being food police so I should just relax (I'd hate for guests to be going hungry while staying with me), or I am reasonably annoyed and so should say something (but what?). I feel like having a secret stash under my pillow and sneaking my kids in for a cookie.

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