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Go Home, Kansas. You're Drunk. Don't You Remember Last Time??

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This article just came through my Facebook feed. It's a real face-palmer. Once again, crusading indignant Bible thumpers in Kansas are flailing their pitchforks and sounding the trumpets to battle against the heretical brainwashing of today's youth. You know what I mean: evolution. Science classrooms: the source of all hellfire, the province of the damned. Or, you know, sciencey thinkingy stuff.


I've had two glasses of wine and my I used up all my braining on school work, so I'll just let the article do all the amusing for you, while I amble to the kitchen for a refill.


(Image yoinked via Google from this site.)

ETA: Necessary Disclaimer: I have all the love in the world for Kansas, Kansans, K-State (Go Snydercats!) and the great little concert venues in Lawrence. But y'all, you're like my state, Texas: the crazies just make too much noise.

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