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Go-ing at Work

I wanted to use one of a pooping rhino, but figured you guys would like this more.

How do you guys handle bodily functions at work?

We have a pretty small building, with basically three bathroom stalls in two restrooms. Nearly every. single. time. I walk into the womens’ room, I run into one of my colleagues, and she’s been pooping. It always smells like she’s been pooping. She’s apparently got a lot to work out, and I try not to think too hard about it, but it definitely happens. I occasionally have to do the same thing at work, so I try not to think too hard about it, but it’s a small space and you accumulate information whether or not you want to do so.

The stalls are too small and too cramped and two of them get pretty heavily neglected by the janitorial staff, so there’s some other grossness that I’m not going to go into, but the bathrooms are not a nice place to be. I can generally work it out so that I go before work, while out for lunch, and hopefully not again until it’s time to leave. Today, my stomach was ... not cooperative.

I walked into the first restroom and it was full. I went upstairs to the other one, and it was also occupied. It was vital that I find a stall and for my dignity’s sake, I wanted it to be not in the music department, so I found another restroom in another area, where hopefully no one recognizes my shoes.

Someone walked in and immediately said, “GROSS.” (Note: I don’t blame them. It probably was. But it was either there or bushes.)


Do people not go at work?
What do they do when they gotta go, they are at work, and it’s gonna be the kind of situation you wish you had some privacy for?

How do you face people who know who you are by shoes or purse when you know you’ve been especially foul?

I wanted to pepper this with poop gifs for comedic effect, but I dunno if you guys share my scatalogical humor.

Let ‘er rip ...?

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