I like Ben Affleck so this one is painful but he deserves it. First he should know by now coverups are the worse thing one can do. Asking a media network PBS is just dumb. He could so easily have turned this story into something positive. He could have said “yes my ancestor was a slave owner and that was reprehensible. He was still part of my family. Like many American families we are not stagnant. His way of life nor thinking did not stay in that family. Like many American families we have changed and grown. Many have ancestors who did horrible things that were reflective of their time. To hide or deny his existance is like saying what he did never happened that it is best left forgotten. No the present is nothing more then the experiences of the past. We condemn slavery and racism today because we know how wrong it is. History and empathy teach us that. My ancestor is part of history he is part of what makes this family. The lesson from him is that we should never forget the crime and dehumanization of slavery that he knowingly participated in”. Ben go shit in your hat. You know better then this.

Stephen Seagal for calling Vladimar Putin as like a brother. Sorry this just screams President Obama is feuding with Putin, Putin is white so Putin is my man. Ugh. Go shit in your hat and go away.

Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans calling Black Widow a slut and whore in an interview. I do not care if she is a fictional character. This is so wrong. Both Of you go shit in your hat and seriously grow up and stop being sexist and stupid.

Go shit in your hat was an expressional my late grandmother always used when she put down someone for saying or doing a horrible thing. Its a phrase also borne out of frustration. This phrase should continue.