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Go to the dentist

Youch. I grew up going in for cleanings every 6 months when I was a kid up until about 23 when I moved away from the nest and became an "adult" (and had to pay for it myself). So it's been 2 years or so now. ( I went once or twice as an adult, when my mom would schedule an appointment)

I just went this morning. I was freaking out because these yellow stains appeared on my two front teeth in the last few months and I was freaking out. I brush twice a day, don't smoke, or drink coffee. I went to the internet (ugh) and they mentioned that yellow stains like I had could be caused by taking tetracycline antibiotics at some point, and that they were stained from the inside of the tooth and the only cure was veneers!! I took two strong rounds of doxycycline about 2 years ago, so I panicked!!!


Well, I went in and doc basically told me that unless I took them as a kid as my teeth were developing, that it probably wasn't that and that I just needed a dentist in my life and he was sure cleaning them would get rid of the stains.

I got them cleaned and the stains are gone!! It makes me feel kind of bad about my brushing. I guess I'm not doing as good of a job as I thought. She said I should get an electric toothbrush. I always thought those were a fad. But I guess I'll look into it. I also need to floss. Seriously. Why is that such a hard habit to pick up!! I'm gonna do it, because apparently I am in danger of something with my gums. So now they have finally scared me into it.

Oh man, they scraped my teeth so hard. They hurt so bad now. It hurt just to bite into a banana. Sore teef... I have em.

Go to the dentist.

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