Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m working on a goal statement for a postdoc residency and I have a couple questions. It isn’t a personal statement, so I don’t think I need to put in any heartfelt “lessons learned” content.

1. How long should it be? I would guess under two pages, but is 1.5 pages too much if it’s single-spaced?

2. Should I bring up one of my areas of deficit? The one area I’m lacking is testing. It could be a dealbreaker. I was recently turned down for a job because of my lack of testing experience. Granted, the job was a bit of an overreach and a postdoc is supposed to be the experience you have before you go for a job like that. If I were to bring it up I would only say that I’m looking forward to further developing my testing and assessment skills. Would that work?


3. I’m now 8 years out of school. I’ve been chasing residency opportunities as close to home as possible because I have a family, but nothing has panned out. Do I address this or wait to see if anyone brings it up in an interview and just plan for that? (I’ve gained a lot of work experience in the process)

Any other thoughts you have about pulling goals out of your head are appreciated. Thanks!

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