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Update: they are still really far away so i left and told her why. She is all “oh I’m sorry” but I CAN’T DO SHIT WITH SORRY so I’m noping the fuck outta here.

LATE PEOPLE ARRRGGHHHHH! My friend asked me to come to Jazz in the Garden with her and some other people tonight, and we were going to meet up here when the event starts, which is 5:30. I was about eight minutes late because my bus hit some traffic, but when I got here and texted my friend I found out they were still half an hour away!

They are in a car, but they left too late AND had to stop to pick someone else (who is being slow) up before coming here. The thing is, this particular friend is has been late a bunch lately. Sometimes it’s because she is with other people who are terrible late monsters, but a lot of the time it’s because she waits until it’s time for her to leave, THEN decides to smoke a bowl. And I am so fucking sick of it! I get that with transit issues sometimes stuff is unpredictable, but she is so often late out of carelessness. I am sitting here all alone in the grass and I am so angry that I am seriously thinking of just going back home even though I will have no one else to hang out with tonight and will have to be alone.


She is all, “sorry, I gave you the best timeline I had at the time,” because I told her I wish she would have let me know that they would be later so I could come later. But that’s just bullshit, she must have been able to see that her group of people would not arrive by 5:30 by the time I left my house. Really, I should have just known this would have happened and planned to get here late myself. But I am just so annoyed bc I know the slacker assholes her sister is friends with are going to roll in all late and not even apologize for making me wait.

UGGGHHHHHHHHH I HATE THIS AND I HATE THE RANDOM STRANGERS WHO SAT DOWN NEXT TO ME, and I hate sitting on the ground like chairs were never invented.

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