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God Damn It, I Like Pharrell's "Happy"

After his involvement in the rape-y-est rapebro anthem of last summer, I really didn't want to like Pharrell's "Happy." In fact, I actively avoided it for a long time, something at which I'm surprisingly adept (I still haven't heard Fergie's "London Bridge"). But then I saw Pharrell perform the song on Saturday Night Live with some legitimately awesome kids - I would totally be friends with the girl at 1:56 if it wouldn't be incredibly weird and creepy for a 31-year-old man to be friends with a 12-year-old girl - and yeah, I legitimately love this song. Everything about it. The music, the choir, the video, Pharrell's face:


Shit, motherfucker's adorable. Plus, the song. There's nothing ironic about my love of this song. I listened to it four times in a row the other day when I was feeling sad, and I felt happier after every play than I did before it. Even that stupid fucking hat is starting to grow on me, and that hat is the worst thing that has ever been on someone's head, including that time that Michael Jackson's head caught on fire. But it's a trademark now, and it's kind of brilliant.

Finally, because I know that my love for this song probably has no legitimate defense but I'm going to love it forever until time stops, here's one minor defense for the indefensible:

When in doubt, Lupita is everything.

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