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God Damn It, Troll

I just got my first internet rape threat, and, BONUS, it was super-racist!

I posted that awesome video of Aamer Rahman talking about reverse racism on this Gawker poem/article. In response, some guy expressed a wish that South African rapists would move into my neighborhood and rape the white privilege out of me.


I dismissed and reported him. What else could I do? But, Jesus Christ, why the fuck does someone do that? To make me feel shitty, I know. And it worked! Damn it. I never doubted that it is awful for women who get rape comments on their blogs or youtube videos but now I have confirmation that it is, in fact, awful. I can't imagine this times 100.

I don't think I have a point. I just wanted to share this legitimately crappy thing that happened to me, I guess. Thanks for listening.

Maybe you can all come over and give me a hug, now?

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