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God damn you, Mod Cloth

So as I was dicking about during the very small window of sobriety in Providence, I headed to the mall because I needed a few hours to kill and it was next door to the hotel. I went into this store called Love Culture because lol, and to my horror, horror I say, I saw a bunch of shit from ModCloth - things I have purchased - for significantly less! Fucking A, man.

So here is the adorbs blazer I wore to give my paper.

And here is Love Culture's exact same one.

Also found those stupid swans making out with one another twee ass sweater there too, and a bunch of other things. FOR CHEAPER. UGH.


Well fuck it. I hate everything.

Go twee yourselves, mutts.

Anyway. In other news, conference went well. My paper was a hit, and my adviser was all "I love you! I have so many ideas for your work!" but she was also very drunk. She assured me that if she recalled the conversation she would totally tell me all about them.

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