So I have a history paper due, which of course means that I'm sitting here at the coffee shop thinking about how I want to reactivate my OKCupid profile.

Here's the thing- I told myself that I didn't want to date at all, because I'm very focused on academics at the present moment, and thought I just couldn't make time to really invest in another person without feeling like I was cheating them or myself out of something by being too busy. But, I just recently realized that even though I will likely move out of the area in 18 months to finish college elsewhere (Austin, or somewhere out of state, upper west coast area maybe) that's still a considerable chunk of time, and casual dating appeals to me right now. I'm pretty extroverted and I really crave making new connections. I also had a successful run at casual dating a few summers ago, where I had a lot of fun just going out and meeting people and getting to try out new restaurants/bars. Also I'm getting my own place again in three weeks which opens up the possibility for me to have people over and actually "entertain" somewhat.

So in the past, I felt like my profile was very "serious", this is who I am, this is exactly what I need from a serious partner, blah blah...I want it to be a little more playful and fun, because that's more what I want now. Is there a way to say that I'm looking for low stress dating fun without implying that I just want to hook up? (not entirely opposed to sexytime stuff with the right person, but a canoodling/makeout partner who wants to go to see live music and watch netflix and occassionally drink wine is more my speed) Any suggestions?

I don't know, I think I'm pretty fun to hang out with, I just need some help with how to spell that out in my profile.