Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Still sick. Slightly better today in that my coughing fit is every hour or so instead of every 15 minutes, so progress. But I can’t rub two thoughts together in my brain so I have not cracked open my work computer to check email like I said I was going to. Ugh. I am out of clean underwear and we are out of clean spoons and need groceries and I’m almost out of hot tea and I have Christmas shopping i have not done and I will be up for fifty million hours on Christmas Eve because we have tickets to see The Force Awakens and I am not missing that illness or no and I just want to be able to think clearly enough to figure out how to use the washing machine and Face/Off is a stupid movie but I’m watching it anyway, except for Gina Gershon with the automatic rifle mowing down FBI because fuck yeah Gina Gershon. Like they cut John Travolta’s hair in the OR while his face was off, that is not proper clean room technique at all. You don’t cut hair around open wounds.


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