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God I Wish I Appreciated Elvis The Pelvis As A Kid

My late grandmother looooved Elvis I hated his music. His movies were stupid. Ok that is still truewell those she watched. She always called him Elvis The Pelvis. I still think of Presley as The Pelvis.

I started to like him more a little over a decade ago when I heard and realized this was an Elvis song. Its In The Ghetto.

Last night I wrote about the Buble special where Buble’s cover of I Can’t Stop Falling In Love can’t touch with Elvis.


Over the years since I discovered he did In The Ghetto I was paying more attention to his songs. Suspicious Minds has become a favorite.

I want to grow muttonchops like his.

Tonight I found this song. Ok now I see why he was called the King of Rock of Roll. This musically was a drop the mic moment. I never knew he did the cover of Bridge Over Troubled Water. Its a beautiful very gospelly soulful version.

If only I knew then what I know now. My grandmother and I could have both enjoyed his music. Watching live concert clips is only way to truly see his music. What an entertainer totally puts everything into his performance. I wish I did not see it as idiotic as a kid. Stupid boy I was.

Anyone else dislike music their grandparents liked as a kid now you appreciate the music they liked?

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