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God wants you to stab your family in the back

I thought the cunty cult side of my family had run out of ammunition in their "things we can do to make roma rage" arsenal but boy, I was fucking wrooooong.

I was on the phone with my mom on Friday night and she told me that my older brother and his #&$%* wife sent two letters certified mail, one to my mom and one to my younger brother. The letters outline all the ways that my mother and brother would have to modify their lives in order to be deemed acceptable associations for my brother and his &@%#* wife. Until they make those changes, my righteous brother and his 9_9 wife will cut all contact with them.

After she read her letter, my mom tried to call and text my brother, and when she got no response she asked my dad to try. My dad did and told my mom that Righteous Brother had blocked her phone number.


I was so fucking pissed. I am still so fucking pissed I don't even know what to do. My mom has done so much for my brother AND his wife, and for the rest of my family in that religion. She gave my brother tons of money and support, even when she didn't have any money to spare. She let him stay at her place whenever he needed help and he paid her back by trashing her place (which she doesn't own) and leaving cigarette butts everywhere. She didn't give up on him even though he was verbally and physically abusive.

Fun side story: years and years ago my mom had a miscarriage. One of the "sisters" in her congregation (my mom was still in the religion at the time) was a nurse, and went through my mom's medical files and spread around the congregation that my mom had had an abortion. My horrible aunt heard the rumor and sent my mom a letter (also certified mail) saying that my mom had to prove that she didn't have an abortion and until she did, my aunt would no longer speak to her ever again.

I don't know what came of that, but this same horrible aunt of mine has since accepted thousands of dollars from my mother, money she inherited when my grandma died. My mom was the only one who got any money because no one else took care of my grandma. They were too busy shunning her for leaving the religion.

Now this same aunt co-signed the letter my brother sent my mom. She has yet to pay my mom back a single cent of the money my mother lent her.


What really made flames shoot from my eyeballs, though, was when my mom said my Righteous Brother sent a letter to my younger brother, too. My younger brother has been through some things that are so horrible I can't even believe he's still alive. He already has serious guilt and anger issues from that and from the fucked up way we grew up and he doesn't need any more reasons to feel like shit. He doesn't want to talk to my older brother any more than I do, for fuck's sake.

So while my mom is telling me all this I get so angry that I told her I'd call her back because I had to call my older brother that very second. I called probably ten times in a row, then left a voicemail. "HEY IT'S YOUR SISTER CALL ME BACK."


No answer. I am still so very angry, but it's a pointless anger. I have no where to direct it. I can't even yell at my brother because he won't pick up. I feel like I'm just going to be fucking angry for the rest of my goddamn life.

The only thing I could think to do was text him, so I did. I said, Hey, where's my certified letter? I feel left out. Then I gave him my address and told him if he wants to make my mom & brother feel like shit he should go through me, first.


Because I know they won't write him back. They'll just feel really, really hurt and guilty and leave it at that.

But now I'm hoping that fucker sends me an ex-communication letter, too, because I will have a fucking field day with it. First, I will whip out a fat red pen, because they are the kind of people who think they can write but they suck donkey ass at it. I will take his letter and mark all the mistakes with my fat red pen and then I will draft a fucking letter of my own.



I know this rant is long as fuck but I had to get it out. Not that anyone will understand this situation, but none of my friends do, either, so they can't understand how fucked it is. Thanks for reading, if you did. You all are the best.



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