As am I, but sometimes I just don't know. BF/FB and I have been texting, but not much because I have been having a very productive week and swooning over Idris Elba. BF/FB is ADHD and will text me random things with no consideration of my work schedule, so I couldn't deal.

OG: "do you want to come over for pizza tomorrow?"

BF/FB: "Not sure. I'm trying to eat less. I had a slice today."

ONE OF US WAS REALLY TALKING ABOUT SEX. I can make pizza and eat it my own damn self. Maybe we were both talking about sex, and that makes things really bad.


PS: Since no one told me it was bad to eat a lot of brussels sprouts, I bought three packs at Trader Joe's today. I will be roasting everything tomorrow.


UPDATE: That title was not a euphemism or double entendre. I just heard about this study linking emojis and frequency of sex—although it doesn't say if they factored in age. I'm guessing young people have more sex and think its better.