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I HATE HER SO FUCKING MUCH. Re-watching Voyager with LadyTrout has reminded me of the things I hated about this show, which are myriad: the Deflector Dish being the answer to EVERY problem, the "WTF" episodes on an ENTIRELY different level from every other Trek series (Amelia Earhart, Voyager? AMELIA FUCKING EARHART?! Also, GODDAMNED SPACE LIZARD EVOLUTION), Neelix and Kes (Kes would be mildly tolerable if it wasn't for Star Trek's boner for ALWAYS having a fucking "innocent" in every show except Enterprise — this is responsible for both Wesley Crusher AND Jake Sisko, by the way), the Kazon (the single stupidest recurring race in any Trek series).

But most of all, I hate Seska. Fucking hate her with a passion. I hate that the character's entire motivation appears to be "twirl invisible girlstache, commit evil," I hate her overacting, I hate her weird creepy eyes, and most of all, I hate that they KEEP BRINGING HER BACK. She's still alive in Season 2, where we are (if you're about to say "spoiler warning," please punch yourself in the face; this show started airing over 20 years ago), but even after she dies they keep finding ways to bring her back into the show, sometimes seeming to create space-time paradoxes for the specific purpose of involving GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING SESKA. The first time I watched this series, with my best friend, it was a running joke how often she kept coming back — and the fact that my reaction whenever they did always involved swearwords.

There is nothing I don't hate about this character, and I'm continually upset that she and the stupid motherfucking Kazon keep interrupting my The Doctor/Tuvok/B'Elanna time.

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