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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I got in a scary accident this morning. I (and the other car's passengers are ok), so that's lucky, but I'm real shaken up. It was pouring and I couldn't see (so obviously should not have been driving) and pulled out in front of a grey car without headlights on. She had the right of way, and apparently it's not ILLEGAL everywhere to drive without headlights in rain so I'm at fault and my car might be totaled and I'm really stressed.

Would be nice if I could just be thankful I'm ok, like everyone keeps saying. I should be! Mr HML was super worried and he has promised to help me out financially and said I shouldn't worry. But I am and I feel stupid and guilty. But I was lucky to walk out of that car unharmed and all I can think about is money.


She hit me going very fast and I spun like 3 or 4 times. I think I may have passed out because I remember suddenly realizing the car was just rolling down the street and it took a few seconds for me to muster up the capacity to actually brake and put it in park and stuff. It feels surreal.

I have been in scary accidents before. But I have never spun. That is a truly traumatic feeling. May you never feel it!

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