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Goddammit: Black female student thrown across room by white security officer [update]

AT MY HIGH SCHOOL. I can’t believe this video. It is heartening to see so many of my Facebook acquaintances being all “not in my house” about this. I grew up around a lot of racism and when I was at the school, it was largely segregated (through the system of keeping people out of gifted classes based on their disciplinary records, except that there was bias in who got disciplined too so...). I don’t remember something like this happening but I was white in my white people classes with my white people life (and at the time, had no interest in paying attention to others). I do remember there was always a lot of security around.

I asked my brother who just graduated last year and he said that cop was known as an asshole.


Some members of my graduating class are related to/associated with the Black Parents’ Association (I believe it is county-wide) and they are going to investigate some courses of action. I’ll let y’all know when I learn anything; I am far so I’ll be on watch for a place to donate.

[by the way, hi! It’s been a while]

ETA: Just got reminded by a FB friend that my senior year, we had the first black student body president, and someone etched “drop out, n*****” into her car.


Kid who’s been reporting who was there and I guess tipped Gawker tweeted this screenshot.


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