This incredibly depressing article on the MP got me started looking at kids in need of forever homes (some of the comments are the typical, "well, just adopt if you want a baby!" crap.)

I am now in tears. These kids... they have emotional, behavioral, physical, and developmental disabilities. Since I have bio kids with most of these issues (not so much with the physical), I KNOW how hard it is to care for kids like these. So do many other people. Sadly, those of us who already have kids with these issues are the best equipped to handle these kids... and we already have our hands full.

Reading about these kids who desperately want to be loved and adopted, especially the ones who say that they want to stay in touch with other siblings who have already been adopted... my heart is breaking. Just absolutely breaking for these kids. I want to take every single one of them into my heart and my home and give them the love and care that they need, but I am so in over my head with my own kids some days, I don't know if I could.

There's one kid on the Wisconsin state page where it says in the description that he was adopted once and sent back... I can't even describe how sad that made me. Goddammit, I know how challenging it is to handle kids with emotional/behavioral/developmental problems, but don't make these kids a promise and then take it back! That's not going to help!


I just... ugh. I don't know. I can't quite get my thoughts in order. I just wish I could adopt them all and love them all like they need and deserve. I know that's unrealistic, and, given our situation, I will probably never be able to adopt or foster, but I just want to give them all a hug.