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So my week thus far: big management meeting today and tomorrow, with all of the upper management flying in from where ever they live. Originally they left me off the invite, but then after I said something to my boss, I got included. Then come to find out they’re doing a reorg and I won’t even be reporting up under this management structure anymore. Which is why they left me off the invite I guess. But since I made it a point to ask to be invited I felt weird not going. So I’ve been sitting in a conference room with these people all day. Then went to do some community service at a thrift store sorting donations. We finished that early, so the out of towners went to their hotel because the reservation isn’t for another hour. I went to the restaurant cause I didn’t know they were going back to the hotel. So I got in my car to go down the street to shop (all this is in a retail strip mall area so walking is not feasible). And my car won’t start. Trying to decide how unprofessional it would be to just go into the restaurant bar and start drinking. Fuuuuuck this day.

EDITED: After letting my car sit for awhile, it started! So I was able to get home, and I will take it in the morning to the mechanic. Also, one of my coworkers showed up shortly after I posted the first post so we got to talk till everyone else got there, and I had some sangria and some tacos and feel much better now. But still, all day meetings SUUUUCK. I noticed that 10 of the 16 managers in today’s meeting are women (YAY), but men did 90% of the talking (BOOO). Kinda glad I won’t be in this managment structure going forward, because I think the dude at the top may have a problem with mouthy bitches. And I am one mouthy bitch.


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