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Goddammit parents!

You know when you have a close family member who's quite seriously ill, you probably want to be kept updated on how they're doing, right? Like, as soon as the development occurs, you want to hear about it? Or if you have to hear about it from another person, you probably want to hear about it as soon as they do?

Yeah - that does not mean saying, as a tail end to a conversation, "oh and by the way, Granny was back in the hospital" (firstly not clarifying which of my grandmothers as my other granny has just finished her course of radiotherapy this week) and then saying, "nothing to worry about but..."

It also doesn't mean waiting until nearly 2 days after you've been told the news to pass the message along, not even by sending a quick text. I don't care that it wasn't serious, my grandmother has stomach cancer for fuck's sake, I want to know everything that you know about how she's doing as soon as you know it.


And you're not allowed to get all defensive when I tell you to tell me these things as soon as you hear about them, regardless of how serious or otherwise they are. You are not allowed to go "okay, okay!" when I say in no uncertain terms, "my phone is always on and always by me, all it would've taken would have been a quick text to say 'by the way, your granny's back in hospital but it's nothing to be too concerned about, just thought I'd let you know we heard from granddad' etc etc".

You are not allowed to act like I'm overreacting when I get upset because I wasn't told this as soon as you were. It's not fucking fair. You get the news directly from the family, I shouldn't have to wait until you deign to tell me what's happening to my grandmother.


hirondelle out.

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