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Maybe it's because I've lived in apartment buildings for many years now, but fuck everything people do is obnoxious.

Moving dishes around in the sink. My sister coughing all fucking night. Brother on law hackling up his phlegm ("but he's in the bathroom" mom says, as if that makes it less disgusting). Dad bumping shit around as he tidies, mom yelling at him for cleaning up while we're here.

Why can't people talk at a normal volume? Why do they have to yell each other's names instead of just looking for them? Their house isn't that big. Why don't they leave me alone when I'm clearly reading something? I can't wait to head back to the city, where my cat gets spooked when we drop the remote (much bang, wow), where we think about how our noise level affects the people around us. Strange how I need to get back to the largest city in Canada to get some fucking silence.

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