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Goddamn it

The jerks at the end of my road who consistently whip in and out of their driveway way too fast just backed into my car as I was driving by. “I thought I looked!” Fuck you, I drive a cherry red sedan, if you’d looked you’d have seen me. Not to mention the honking as I tried to reverse out of your way. The damage isn’t bad, some scuffing and the edge of my bumper is popped up, but dammit. I was already having kind of a shit day and was just trying to run to the store for beer. Now I’m all jittery from adrenaline and pissed off. I’ve nearly stopped and gotten out of my car to ask this couple to slow down several times. Maybe now they’ll be more comfortable. At least they were in their sedan, not the truck. Not a scratch on their car, of course. We exchanged info and she’s calling her insurance. Should I call mine? Now I really want that beer. 


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