Anyone else have 2000 bucks fraudulently charged to their credit cards this week?

I went to Target once between Black Friday and December whatever-th when the hack occurred to buy Christmas gifts for the children who would be attending my office's Christmas party. I am a childless woman in my 20s who does not want to have children. I have no idea what Lalaloopsy or Doc McStuffins or Hexbugs are, but I made them happen AND I allowed my boss call me "Santa's elf" at the party.

I went to Target to buy toys for my colleagues' children and now I have been a victim of credit card fraud FOR THE THIRD TIME.

I was diligently checking my statements online daily for any suspicious activity and there was nothing to worry about besides the balance because I overdid it a bit during the holiday season.


I have had major issues with my bank before initiating "fraud alerts" that are actually just me, trying to feed the consumer machine. Last time it was set off when I tried to reload 100$ onto my Starbucks card, and when I called, the woman I spoke to said "well, 100$ is a lot to spend at Starbucks so it triggered the alert" and I was like "uh, please don't judge my coffee habits. You are the bank." ***

There are four fraudulent charges so far - airline tickets (totalling 1600 USD) and business cards (totalliing 500 USD - must have been gold embossed, like Tony Clement's) were purchased.


It will be 8-9 business days until I get a new credit card, then it will be another week or so for the Fraud division to send me a statement where I will certify that I did not buy these tickets or British business cards and it is up to 2 months before the charges are reversed. As I mentioned above, this is the third time my card info has been skimmed, so while I'm not freaking out or anything, it is a major inconvenience.

Fuck you Target and fuck you fraudsters.

*** 100$ will actually last me several months on my Starbucks card, and the whole reason I tried to reload it for such a high amount is because my bank was blocking auto-reloads of 25$ on because it triggered their fraud alarm for so many transactions. I also feel like I'm inconveniencing baristas when I reload my card in the store because it's so time consuming and there's always a huge line-up behind me of impatient, uncaffeinated people - so when I have to do it, I go big.