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Godless, My Father, and Merritt Wever


Has anyone watched Godless?

I love westerns. Some of my favorite childhood memories are of watching John Wayne and Clint Eastwood with my father. He was very much like a character from the oaters he loved. Quiet, with a long fuse, but God help you if you pushed him beyond his limit. He had a mistrust of authority and a strong sense of justice. He refused to ever pick up a gun again after fighting in WW2. Watching this I missed him so much. We would have binged it together on a visit. Or discussed it on the phone.


It was okay. Not what I had hoped for, I feel misled as to the premise. And I had some problems with its treatment of Black and Native people. But it had Merritt Wever. She was as wonderful in this as she was in Nurse Jackie and The Walking Dead. It’s worth watching just for her. My father was also know to have a fondness for strong, sharp tongued women. He raised a bunch of them! I think he would have been delighted by her as Mary Agnes.

If you’ve seen it what did you think?

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