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Going forth

I was going to put this on FB, but then thought it is a bit wordy. I am work and my day has been summarising policy and trying not to cry. It is thoughts, I may rethink it later

Some thoughts. In 2010 I worked as an election official in a federal election in Australia, where we narrowly re-elected our first female prime minister. It was so narrow that the result in the end was decided by the few independent MPs. What I noticed that day was that at the end of the day, when we counted the ballots by hand, was that the conservative parties had election observers present but the left did not. At least one of the observers was the adult son of another observer. The conservative party was better at indoctrinating their message. Lefty, social justice parties are not so good.

In part this is for very good reasons- we believe that everybody has the right to an opinion and a voice, and we tolerate others’, even as we disagree (or at least this is my view on this element). Conservative parties are much less tolerant of others opinions, they are like the bossy person in a meeting who will not let others disagree. They win because they are so focused on making sure that their opinion dominates. In order to preserve liberal democracy, this tendency has to be overcome.


Progressive politics racked up an amazing number of wins in the USA (and worldwide) in the early 20th century . These were achieved largely by women, despite the fact that they often did not have the vote (that was one of the wins). How can we do that again?

Those of us who live comfortable lives often forget how hard won those are, and how fragile they are for others. If you are upset with this election, don’t bunker down in your safe suburb, or in your group of like minded friends. Go out and be the action you want. Make noise

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