I was walking GF and BF in the park this evening and there was a softball game going on. We walked by it. I stopped and watched for a few minutes. GF and BF were sniffing the ground.

This player hit a ball that went fairly far. The bases are very short I googled it did you know softball fields are smaller then regular baseball? I did not I always assumed they were smaller at the park to conserve space.

So this player ran a good clip from home to third. Then it went to hell. He got to third right when the outfielders were picking up the ball. Now logically he should have dashed home and would easily have made it. Nope. He hesitated for a good three seconds. He left third as the ball was leaving the outfielders hand.

Do you think this player ran as fast as he did from home to third? Nope. He strolled nice and slow.

GF: He went slower then you and you are slooooow.

What was greeting him when he reached home plate? The catcher and the ball. If he strolled and did not hesitate it would have been close. If he just ran he easily could have made it.


I can only assume he thought he had scored due to distance so might as well stroll and show off.

If I was his coach I would have yelled “you cost us a score and an out all for showboating before you actually did score. Sit on the bench and say nothing”.


All the players were in their late 20s to 40s the showboating player looked late 20s.

I hate showboating before a score. Its stupid, selfish and will almost always lead to an out or fumble.