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Going Grey

(Spacer image so a huge close-up of my hair isn't staring everyone in the face.)

I'm really interested to hear others' perspectives on this question: both what you've done about your own hair and how you perceive grey hair on a woman (especially in a professional context). I'd be especially interested to hear from those who are in their 40s and beyond.


I'm 37. I noticed this morning that I have considerably more grey hair today than I did yesterday. I am also woefully overdue for a haircut. So I am wondering what I should do about my hair color: cover the grey or let it be? Here's what it looks like right now, for reference:

I have always wanted to be the kind of woman who lets her hair go grey naturally. When I see women with grey hair, especially relatively young ones, I admire that they are going against the grain a bit. I also think that grey hair can look beautiful, although there's no guarantee that my grey hair would be. (This isn't intended to judge women who dye their hair; I just think women who don't are cool.)


At the same time, I have a toddler and an infant. The past three years have not exactly been great in the self-care department. I don't really need to look even older and more tired than I already do. I work part-time as an adjunct at a college and for that role I don't think my aging or not looking all that put together is a big deal. Looking older might even be a good thing in terms of getting respect from the students. But when my kids are a little older I'd like to work full-time at some other kind of job, and in the context of making a career change I'd imagine that for a woman looking older is a huge disadvantage.

So, tell me, GT: what have you done if you've started going grey? How big of a negative would it be for me to leave it as it is, especially in terms of how others perceive me when I'm job hunting (which admittedly is a couple of years away, probably)? Should I cover the grey now and get the little boost from looking younger at a time when I'm not so happy with how I look and don't have the time and energy to take care of myself the way I'd like? Should I go the opposite direction and get a nice silver dye job (if that is even possible with such dark hair)?

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