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What questions should I ask? I want to go in as prepared as possible.

I'm pretty sure I want one with hormones because no periods would be AMAZING. Mine are already light so I figure an IUD would *fingers crossed* get rid of them completely. I'm afraid the copper one will give me heavier periods. I should probably ask about that. But it would be great to only have to buy panty liners or nothing at all after awhile.

As to other forms of birth control, my schedule is bonkers so I know I wouldn't be able to take a pill at the same time every day. The last time I used a NuvaRing I was nauseated all the time and I forgot to change it out. I am not interested in an Implanon (or anything like it) because I get keloid scars and I don't want to unnecessarily scar up my body. Plus they don't last as long as an IUD could feasibly last. I'm not doing Depo because I hate needles. I'm not getting a shot in my ass every 3 months. I want my birth control to be of the Set It And Forget It variety.


So, for those who have had consultations or who have IUDs already, what questions should I ask to get the IUD that's good for me so there will be no babies?

(And just as an aside, yes I'm fully aware that IUDs do not protect against STDs. If another person tries to "educate" me about that fact, I'm going to stab that someone in the eye with a fork. It wasn't any of you guys, just an annoying meatspace human who has a serious case of Superiority Complex)

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