OK, so my mom and grandma gave me all the old family photos and I'm going through the long and kind of exhausting task of sorting, scanning ones that I'd like a copy of, and putting them all in books for my siblings and aunts/uncles still alive. There are several boxes of photos. Apparently, nobody believed in envelopes or photo albums so this is a huge pain in the ass. Two generations of my disfunctional family all mixed up in a couple corrugated cardboard boxes is a lot!

It's interesting to see how sad/unhappy my grandmother really was in her marriage to my grandfather. He was a pretty bad husband - always drinking and cheating and never really treated her with respect. She is a pretty smart lady - she has a PhD and used to teach developmental psychology at the U. Every photo she looks pained and so angry. She is essentially Betty from Mad Men in every photo. After their divorce in the mid 60s, she still looks unhappy. :( My grandpa basically left her and she had to raise all 4 kids by herself. Then my mom dropped off the four of us and she had to raise us by herself.

It's kind of a crappy feeling seeing how upset she is in all of these. I really wish she hadn't been born in 1930. I think she could have done so much more and probably would have been so much happier with freedom.