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Welcome To The Bitchery

Because she is in this disaster of a situation with her dickteeth of a boyfriend.* The update on their situation is that it literally hasn’t changed, except she is finally angry at him as well as herself (instead of just herself). He also isn’t coming to my wedding, but she is, which I found a little strange (could be expenses or something, but part of me wonders if she decided to come to New Orleans to have a good time without his ass).

I need to assess the situation (we’ve only spoken sporadically via text since that post), and I know I need to let her feel her feels and come to her own conclusions but uhhh... any advice for motivating her to GTFO, gently? She is so, so close to it. I think I can push her over the edge. I don’t think it’s going to be a thing where she shoots the messenger (me).


What if....I just pack all her things in her car while she’s asleep and we drive away? Hmm.

*TL;DR - she moved across the country to be with him after he graduated law school, after a long time of careful planning, and he has yet to actually move into their apartment after 3 months and is still living with mom and dad and the topic is not open for discussion with him.

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