This is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

Even without the Lamictal I'm just getting worse. Still nauseous as hell and heaving/gagging. Now I have a massive migraine (I don't get migraines. Ever) and I'm fairly certain I'm dehydrated on top of it. And there's the whole coughing up blood bit and basically being unable to move cuz I'm weak as hell.

So I have a doctor appointment at 4:30. I messaged Mamadukes and was like "should I go to the hospital?" and she was like "eh let's start with your GP first and see what he says." So perhaps I will end up in the hospital later. YAY.

At least the ER people know me by now and sneak me in good food from the coffee shop.

And my best friend is going to Miami for the weekend. I really want her to stay in Brooklyn and come over and cuddle me but I don't want to ask her to drop her plans and lose the money she spent on the flight.

And tomorrow is Mamadukes' birthday. Happy birthday Mom, have a kid who's slowly vomiting to death.


*Sigh. Fucking bullshit.