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Going vegan -- basic (but detailed) advice?

I recently stopped eating meat and I’m planning to transition to full vegan over the next several months. I’ve been stockpiling and trying out recipes from vegan sites, I bought the Minimalist Baker cookbook, and I’m slowly subbing vegan options for the stuff in my kitchen — Earth Balance instead of butter, almond milk instead of cow’s milk, etc.

But what I really need is a simple how-to guide. What are some basic staples I should stock my kitchen with? What are the most important things I need to pay attention to, nutritionally, when I’m not getting any animal protein? What are the tips and tricks for making sure my diet is balanced and healthy? And so forth.

I read Main Street Vegan in the hope that it would go into these things, but it was more general advice than a guidebook. I’ve found a lot of sites offering fairly basic advice through Google, but again, most of them are way too general. I need lists! Steps! Rules!


I’ve found a few options that look promising on Amazon (Becoming Vegan, Vegan for Life), but it’s hard to tell if they really cover what I’m looking for without buying them.

I think there are some other vegans on GT — do any of you have any advice for a good, basic-but-detailed how-to guide for transitioning vegans?

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