I wanted to scream “your basic history is wrong, Adam you grew up in the 80s this was such a simple mistake that should not have been written into the script”.

I know they were going for a play on a name but historically its wrong.

Bill who was Murray’s friend had two tickets for the 76ers an NBA team.

Beverley wanted Murray, her husband, to stay home.

So Bill said would you rather watch Charlie’s Angels that night or Charlie Barkeley. Beverley did not like the joke. I personally wanted to scream.

Well this was the problem. Charlie’s Angels ended in 1981. Barkeley did not start playing until 1984 for the 76ers. So for a cheap laugh Adam Goldberg and the writers rewrote history for this joke to work. The show is loosely based on Adam Goldberg’s life.

Do they not realize many viewers lived through that decade?