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Goldberg's anyone miss those sweaters Beverly wears? No spoilers

Tonight the show was about the show. I was not aware there was such a large age gap between Eric and Adam Goldberg. As you know show is loosely based on Adam Goldberg’s childhood. I had assumed Eric was same age as Erica. Adam had two brothers in reality he changed it for the show to a brother and sister.

The costume worker discussed the sweaters Beverly wears. Some are in fact what Adam’s real mother wore and she had designed some of them. They were really artistic.

My mother DID NOT wear sweaters like that.

So I lamented “those were nice sweaters, his mother was artistic, I doubt they will come back in fashion”.


My mother said “hope they never do”.

Say what.

They are very 80s and they look cool. They also have an artistic individualistic style. Plus fun.

Men’s sweaters then also were nicer then today. I had this long button sweaters that had narrow strips each strip a different color. It was also most comfy sweater ever. Only piece of clothing I loved. Sadly threads started to fray and threads, many reached my knees. Around the wrists tiny holes appeared. It was 10 plus years old. One year sweater season began. I do love sweaters. I searched the house, no beloved sweater, checked cellar, no beloved sweater. Someone, and I won’t name names, tossed it out. I have looked and looked never found a duplicate.


God she has such an awesome sweater. The design is fantastic.

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