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Goldberg's Dungeons and Dragon my story is better

In the early 80s in high school a student with teacher supervising set up a D&D Club. This was a Catholic HS and school knew the difference between fantasy and reality.

Our dungeon master was a total jerk. He picked out the classes you were going to be. His buddies got the cool classes like Druid and Warrior. The offensive jobs. The others bland to boring. Thief was cool.

Nope he assigned for me the most boring class. Cleric.


Oh god what a boring class. I put up with this until I got the offensive skill poison. I had sleep spell already. We went into a room with evil creatures. I attacked. Poison to warrior on right, poison to druid on left.We all died in a few more roms.

I turned my cleric to chaotic evil. The DM allowed us to chose classes the following session. I always chose Barbarian.

Anyone recall this 80 s game. Which class were you and alighment.

Yes I was a jerk.

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