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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Goldbergs last night brought back flashbacks

a) The jockstrap scene. I recall in junior high 7th grade the gym teacher said we boys should have jock straps so my mother brought me to the clothing store. Circa 1978.

She said to clerk "Where are your jockstraps?" So he brought us to them. She found they were different sizes and at this point I wanted to crawl away. She asked if she could take one out, he said ok. She then put it against my waist like a pair of pants. She then picked up the plastic protector and said "oh this fits in here to protect your thingie". Yes "thingie". I wanted to die. Then she asked the clerk "Does he wear the jockstrap out or inside his shorts?". Kill me now I thought.


b) Well the Goldberg mother used the phrase "it means I Failed As A Mother". I have heard that many times. The ultimate guilt line. Was from that generation or do mothers still use it.

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