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Goldbergs Tonight A History Lesson

For those who watched The Goldbergs the history

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of the 80s was messed up.

The story took place around Mother’s Day and two events went with it. There lies the problem.


I remember being in high school and our teacher told us to watch The Day After, other teachers did too. Amazingly Adam and his school were told not too. The movie aired November 20, 1983. Mother’s Day was in May.

I vividly remember seeing it on a Sunday night. A movie you do forget. We talked about it in class. Our teacher who hated President Reagan stressed thus is where he us taking us. She never comforted us. I recall her saying the dead from the blasts will be the lucky ones and those in New England will all die since we had military companies making arms like Raytheon, Honeywell etc along with military ports and air bases. She talked how those who live will face Nuclear Winter if they survive to Winter. Also reality is worse then what they showed.


Also they talked about popularity of the song Wind Beneath My Wings well the Bette Midler version came out in 1988 with the movie Beaches. Five years difference. Now it could be argued what if the version used was the Roger Whitaker 1983 version. Possible but the song was realliy not popular until Bette Midler’s version. I cannot recall other version but it was not a popular song.

Roger Whittaker version. Not bad lacks Bette’s power.

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