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Goldberg's Ultimate Question Adam West VS Michael Keaton As Batman

Part of tonights episode dealt with the release of the Keaton Batman movie. Gramps and Murray liked Adam West as Batman. Adam liked Keaton..

Ok like Adam and Barry I too spent my teen years in the 80s and yes I liked Keaton as Batman more.

Flash forward 2017. I like Adam West more. Why? Every actor who played Batman was not that many degrees from Bruce Wayne. West was the exceprion. He was the best Bruce Wayne.


Why? He created a whole Wayne persona of being the ultimate playboy, showed disinterest in anything important, physically weak, not the brightest bulb. No one would expect this Bruce Wayne to be Batman.

The problem was he made Batman too campy. Yet there was a clearer line between the Wayne persona and the Batman persona. I think West’s Bruce Wayne is probably the closest to what Bruce Wayne was imagined to be.

Keaton did a good job but you could say “yeah Bruce is Batman”. West no.

Oh Cesar Romero was a better Joker then Jack Nicholson. There I said it.


Who do you think was better? Keaton or West. Pretend its the 80s. Yeah you can add Lewis Wilson who I believe was the only other actor who played Batman in a live action film (1943 13 episode serial) until West and Keaton. I.never saw it


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