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Goldbergs why no mention of Vietnam era?

One of my favorite sitcoms in the 80s was Family Ties. I loved how it contrasted two different generations, the parents were flower children ie hippies while the children were products of the 80s. The son Alex played by Michael J Fox personified the private school Ronald Reagan teen. Very preppy and conservative. I went to high school with lots of boys like him.

In the Goldbergs there is none of this. The father would have been draft age both parents lived through a tumoltious period yet they do not reflect this at all. My parents and parents I knew growing up that era scarred them. My mother still talks about that era more then any other era. Everytime we go into a place and there is a sign saying "shirts and shoes required" she says "you can thank the hippies for that". No clue to the validity of that.

The grandfather its mentioned fought in a war I assume Korea. Yet Vietnam not at all.

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