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Golden Girls Sob-worthy moments

I have seen every single episode of Golden Girls at least 800 times. I watch at least three episodes every single day. It is the only show that can make me cry at exactly the same point in the show every single time I watch it. It never fails. Here are my top 7 sob-inducing moments (in no particular order):

1. Sophia at the end of the episode dealing with Phil's death. "My baby's gone!" just kills me every time.

2. Ugh, the episode where Sophia befriends the gentleman at the beach who has Alzheimers. The end of that episode makes me weep. Weep.


3. "Not Another Monday" is an episode I can barely watch. "You want to live, kid!" I'm crying just typing that.

4. Blanche's dream about her husband coming back. It's a silly episode, but when she wakes up and talks about how she got to hug him this time, it's so emotional. It's the only tv episode of any show that puts me in the place of someone who has lost a partner.

5. The Series Finale. I don't even have words. The last scene is devastating.

6. Obligatory: The episode where they go to the homeless shelter to try to find their winning lottery ticket. The whole episode is sob-worthy.


7. Make me cry. Tell me your weepiest Golden Girls moment....

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