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Golden Goddess, out of meds for 8 days now, cooking cube steak

Freya is beautiful! She is a rescue kitty and she has problems like me. She is not eating or eating intermittently or demanding special food - what ever she wants! but now she is scratching her head and there is a bald spot forming between her ears (he,he - I have one on my brain). My medical drug provider sent my anti-depressants to the wrong address and they were returned. We got the address straightened out (someone entered a 9 in place of a 0) and they will ship them to me in 5 days - so I will probably be w/o for at least 15 or more days total. At least I know why I am thinking weird thoughts but....


So, I am eating the last of Ginger (she was a red Angus a group of us bought last year - we have pics - we went to visit the farmer and picked her out - is that crazy?) and the last of Ginger is cube steak (who the hell eats cube steak?). So I am going to try to get rid of some leftovers and slow-cook that thing to death. Ingredients so far: feta cheese, sour cream, garlic, medium salsa, 3 small nuked red potatoes, (crap, no ginger (the spice not the cow) so more garlic - oops, found the garlic, - I am tempted to put some beer/garlic mustard in but am controlling the urge - pinky tasting it - something is missing. It has some heat.... Added rosemary and Basel. I smashed the steak as thin as I could so now I am going to smear it with the witch's brew and roll it up and tie it into a 'thing'. The trick I learned from one of the cooking shows is to use the Saran Wrap to help roll it tight so here goes.

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