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Golf Course Commemorates 9/11 With $9.11 Golf Round

Good news everyone!

Have you been pondering the upcoming 9/11 anniversary and wondering, 'gee, I want to do something to recognize this important day, but I was planning on engaging in a mild physical activity that day. Now I don't know what to do!'


You don't have to chose!

Now you can commemorate one of the worst tragedies in American history with your very own game of golf!

You'll be able to work on your handicap and show the world how much of a good patriot you are! What better way to say I'm proud to be an American than by tooling around, playing a game dominated by rich people. Oh awesome.

And they give you a cart, too! Gee, can mine be emblazoned with giant crying bald eagle hovering over the Twin Towers?


Tomorrow I am going to remember all the fallen heroes at Pearl Harbor by playing some hackey sack. Later, we're going to have a Gettysburg Memorial Frisbee Game, if anyone wants to join in.

I just have one thing to say about this:


Please post appropriate gif responses below!

Twitter has some even better suggestions for commemorative social games; use hashtag #911golf


This article is also on my blog because why not.

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