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If you really, truly believe that gun control doesn’t work and that guns are not a problem, than have the goddamn courage of your convictions to let someone empirically test that. Otherwise, I don’t trust that you really believe anything that comes out of your mouth.

Sorry guys, I’ve been in kind of a funk since the floor vote yesterday.

If you’ll permit a bit of armchair psychology, I’ve recently developed a bit of a theory. If you start with the assumption that not everyone who is vehemently anti-gun control is a total sociopath (and I’ve started to think that at least some are), then I think there may be more than a bit of cognitive dissonance at play in the hardening of people’s positions. Like, if you are super pro-gun, to admit that you were wrong on this issue may in some way be like admitting that you were essentially complicit in the murder of SO MANY innocent people, including say 20 1st graders. So, there is a real psychological incentive to harden in your position and not give any ground.


Where this leaves us, I’ve got no idea. I’m just so depressed about all of this. (Although, I’m making a note to send some money to Chris Murphy once I get a job.)

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