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I just got a call back- and I got a job. It's part time and on the only 3 days I have childcare available so that's perfect. The money is crap, but it's a start and there's no way I will get close to what I had at my old job. It is at the very least, temporary for 3 months but looking like it will be a go for permanent. I have been home full time with my kiddo just about 2 years, this is going to be weird. But good. A little independence, adult interaction and a few bucks.

The bad is also good. We are meeting with a fantastic rescue group this Sunday to surrender Rosie. She will be in a foster with other Yorkies and go to an adult only Yorkie experienced home. They deal with a lot of breeder surrenders so they are familiar with the issues she has as far as her teeth, pee pad use, leash behaviors etc. I'm really going to miss her, but I am relieved that she will be going to a home more appropriate for her, where she won't feel she needs to hide or be on medication. I'm also relieved I won't have to worry about my son getting bit. I tried, and I tried hard to make it work, but it's time to acknowledge I've done all I can and its time to let her go elsewhere.


And in random- my son has been in love with all things backpack the past couple weeks. Last night he found one for $5 at TJ Maxx that he loved so, he got it. Waiting for the "that's for a girl" comments or ones about me forcing my ideas on him-but I give zero fucks. He's not quite 2 and he likes what he likes. Whatever.

Oh- and we were in TJM waiting for my husband to come give my truck a jump. My battery is appareantly crap from this winter. Kiddo and I went to Wegman's, but hit the market part for foodies first. We came out to get a cart and I saw my truck was running, I had accidentally hit the remote start. When I turned it off my headlights were still on. Oops.

So yeah, all sorts of stuff going on!

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