Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Good and Bad News; School and Job Applications

The good news: I'm done my degree. Yay. I am now a Master of the Arts. Aaaannnd I don't have to pay more fees for this semester even though I missed the deadline, because it was the Grad Studies Office who was the hold up. I should feel more excited than I do.

The bad news: I messed up an application for an awesome job today. Of course I left it until the last day, what with all the thesis stuff I've been taking care of, and then madly worked to put together a resume and cover letter today. Unfortunately, at the last minute I discovered that my pdf files (scans of transcripts and certificates) were too large to send. PANIC. I found an app that let me fix things, and sent off a nice application package, but it was an hour and a half past the deadline and it was after sending a couple much more awkward emails where I was sending each file in an individual email. Sigh. It would have been a great job, with great pay, and fun to do. I don't know if my apology will be enough for them to consider me - I think I'm a pretty perfect applicant in all other ways.


And then I was late for my jewelry making course.

Thanks for tolerating my rant again, Groupthink.

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