Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery


Maybe your week has been shit. Maybe it's been great. Let's lift/keep things up in the comments below! I'll start:

  • David Ayers is really keeping Jared Leto's Joker under wraps.​ Ha ha! I like the cut of his jib. You soft-focus tease!
  • It's Spring! Which means Summer is close-ish! May as well mark your calendar now for your upcoming State Fair!
  • Looks like anyone considering going to the movies this weekend should see Furious 7, Cinderella, Ex Machina, Clouds of Sils Maria or It Follows (they have the highest ratings on Rotten Tomatoes as of this writing). Action, fairytale, sci-fi, drama and horror — something for everyone!
  • Fun fact: Kristen Stewart became the first and ONLY American actress to ever win a César Award (French Oscar) for her work in Clouds of Sils Maria earlier this year.
  • It's peak bloom for the cherry blossoms this weekend in DC!
  • The Container Store is having a Spring Organization Sale.
  • Mr. Nom has recently turned me on (tee hee!) to a drink called Dark 'N Stormy. Since we're too cool for school rebels who just use whatever is on hand, we make it with Kraken Black Spiced Rum and Gingerale. Delish!
  • Don't forget to be home in time for Game of Thrones this Sunday, April 12 at 9PM!
  • Happy Birthday to my love, my partner, my favorite chef — Mr. Nom!

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