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Good At Sports Guy Beats Girlfriend, Gets To Keep Playing Sports

Earlier today I wrote about my fantasy hockey team and how I was sad that so many male professional sports figures get into violent (domestic and otherwise) situations. It was mainly just an observation.


One of my goalies was being listed as day-to-day and I was concerned since he was the best goalie on my fantasy hockey team and probably one of the top three best goalies in the nhl right now. It turned out he was listed day-to-day because he had been arrested for domestic violence.

Not a simple argument, he has been arrested for kidnapping and third degree assault.


Sigh. That made me sad. Now I go back to my team page and I look at his notes again. I find this:

"Varlamov (personal) is expected to start Saturday against the Canadiens, Adrian Dater of the Denver Post reports.


Desptie the personal conflicts surrounding Varlamov, it appears his playing status in the near future won't be affected all that much. He'll be in uniform Friday to back up Jean-Sebastian Giguere, and should start Saturday when the Canadiens visit Denver."


Wait what? I thought he had been arrested for domestic violence yesterday night? How does anyone know he is he playing this weekend? So I looked at the news and found this:

"On Thursday, a judge said Varlamov could be released if he posted $5,000 US bond and be allowed to travel with the team but he was ordered to stay away from his girlfriend, among other restrictions.

The girlfriend, Evgeniya Vavrinyuk, told investigators that Varlamov kicked her in the chest, knocking her down, and stomped on her chest as she lay on the ground in her apartment on Monday, according to an arrest affidavit. She also accused Varlamov of dragging her by her hair and telling her that he would have beaten her more if they had been in Russia."


My sad has become a rage! This guy is a fucking NHL star goalie. He makes millions a year. Millions of children look up to him and wear his jersey. Now a judge is letting him free for the change in his pocket and a promise not to hit her again. Because he is a star in the NHL I guess it's imperative that he be allowed to play these super important fucking hockey games. Sports are an essential service now donchaknow. THAT IS FUCKED RIGHT UP THERE.

For her part, his girlfriend says:

""She wants the world to know that this famous star is a mean, nasty and hostile individual," "


Damn right he is. I want the world to know too.

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