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Good Beginner Sewing Machine ?

Hello! I haven’t posted here in awhile for a number of reasons but all of those are unimportant! I have a question for this lovely community. I have been watching a lot of historical costumers on Youtube (Bernadette Banner is my JAM-I wanna make ALL the bum pads) and I love costuming. I enjoy sewing (by hand, at the moment) and all that goes with it so I would like to do some more ambitious projects. But I’ve never owned a sewing machine and I’m overwhelmed with choice. Does anyone own one they like? Are there any that I should under no circumstances buy?

Ideally I’d like to start making my own clothing, eventually. I’m not into quilting or embroidery, really, so I don’t think I need a machine that can do that stuff. I love vintage and historical clothing and one day would like to sew my own corsets and stays (down the line, of course, as that is not a beginner project). So I’d like a machine that could ideally make dresses, skirts and like, do zippers and buttons (I presume they can all do that?).


I used a Singer sewing machine a couple of times years ago so I’m not completely unfamiliar with using a machine but I haven’t touched one since so I’m kinda lost as to what makes a good one or a bad one, especially for a beginner. Like is it ok to buy the Toyota of sewing machines for a first go or should I go for the upper limit of what I can afford (around $300). I know some of them can be astonishingly expensive-like professional ones are BANANAS level in the thousands of doll hairs and I do not have that many doll hairs to spend on something that’ll pretty much be a hobby item.

Here’s a video of Bernadette Banner sewing some bum/hip pads complete with some ASMR-y sewing noises:

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