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Good boundaries make good neighbors

To the surprise of evidently no one but me, my neighbor and his daughter came over again this morning and asked if she could stay at my house again, tomorrow afternoon.

I said, “No, I can’t do it.” You guys, he had the nerve to start with, “Oh, are you not going to be home or...?”!!

And that’s when my husband walked in and stood there and just looked at him, so of course he backed down and said, “Oh ok. We will go ask Alice.”


Alice lives across the street and is literally 95 years old.

When the doorbell rang my heart started racing because I knew who it was going to be and that I had to say no. I’m glad I did, and thanks to everyone who reassured me that it doesn’t make me terrible to say no. But I feel guilty, especially if my really old neighbor is now involved!

And I’m mad! So mad for so many reasons!

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